Brand introduction


Comfortable life , from now on ……

MILDNS comes from the abbreviation of "mildness" and translates it into mildness and warmth, which represents our initial intention and always adheres to the goal of bringing warm and comfortable home environment to the vast number of users, warmth, comfort and free control. From butt welding of Euro-standard aluminium-plastic pipe to PE-RT oxygen-blocking pipe, to water collector integrated with profiles, even high-quality temperature controllers and actuators, Mandeles Germany has been focusing on the field of geothermal, firmly believing that only focus can be professional.


Germany Mildns has been committed to using high-quality geothermal products to serve Asian users since it entered Hong Kong, China, in 1997 and established the Asian headquarters of Mildns Group, Germany. In view of social factors such as historical development, Germany Mildns formally entered the mainland of China in 2007, bringing genuine German quality to the vast number of heating users, and constantly introducing and developing domestic and foreign heating products. Advanced equipment and technology, committed to research and development, production of international high-end heating products. In 2018, the new factory of Germany Mildns Group settled in Zhejiang Province. With the support of the Chinese government, it launched technical cooperation with Zeiss Science and Technology to open a new pattern of the floor heating industry. All the heating products produced by the factory have passed: China National Quality Inspection Certification, Germany SKZ Product Quality Certification, European CE Product Safety Certification, ISO 9001 International Quality Management System Certification, ISO 14001 International Environmental Management System Certification.


In terms of R&D, our R&D center now has more than 150 national pipeline professionals and has set up R&D incentive funds to build a team with passion and innovation ability. In terms of procurement, we have reached long-term strategic cooperation with Korean LG Company and German CONSTAB Company, aiming at selecting the best quality raw materials for production. On the one hand, we adopt German original import production line, with high-quality process. The products produced are not only well received by domestic customers, but also exported to Germany, Turkey, Russia and other places. On the other hand, with meticulous quality attitude, we have passed "UKTC", "Health License Approval" and "National Type". "Test" and other domestic authoritative verification.

1997  “MILDNS”Entering Hong Kong, China to establish Germany manderles Group Asia Co., Ltd

2007  “MILDNS”Enter the mainland of China, continuously introduce and develop advanced equipment and technology at home and abroad

2018  “MILDNS”The new factory settled in Zhejiang Province, and launched technical cooperation with Zeiss technology, opening a new pattern of floor heating industry